Owning an aircraft can be challenging and costly if not managed appropriately. Our management team is here to make sure you enjoy the benefits of ownership without the hassle.


The benefit of having an aircraft under management with Element Jet is simple: generate revenues, manage expenses, and maximize resale value. You get your own in-house flight department that will work tirelessly to meet and exceed your expectations.
Each management program is tailored to the specific needs and desired goals of the owner and can always be adjusted to reflect changing situations.
We provide oversight for charter revenues, operational expenses, and maintenance.

Charter Revenues

Generating revenues by chartering the aircraft is a smart solution to offset associated ownership costs. After presenting all the options and receiving your approval the aircraft will be marketed and operated based on your best interest and goals. As an owner you will benefit from the entirety of the revenue generated by your aircraft including empty legs and cancellation or minimum usage fees. We believe owners deserve this level of transparency and integrity.

Placing your aircraft in the charter market may also increase wear and tear along with maintenance and inspection intervals; therefore we can create a custom solution to achieve an effective balance that falls in line with your asset ownership goals.

Expense Management

Owning an aircraft generates expenses. Supervising those expenses is an integral part of our management program. As part of our commitment in managing your aircraft, our team will personally review every invoice and will verify its validity before being submitted for payment. We will make sure each charge was correct and cost effective.

In addition, we are proactive at creating cost savings and can leverage our relationships for preferential rates for crew, training, fuel, insurance, maintenance, hangar and storage.

Maintenance Management

Not having an experienced maintenance manager on your side may cost you in the long run by diminishing your asset’s value. Our technical team has over 30 years’ experience and are licensed FAA A&P mechanics. With access to the latest maintenance tracking software and manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines, we can accurately forecast your maintenance events and plan accordingly. We use an RFQ process for each maintenance and shop visit, thereby being proactive in saving you money. Once your aircraft is at the maintenance facility, you can rest assured in knowing that a highly experienced maintenance expert can be on-site to supervise, monitor, and evaluate all the work performed and make sure it adheres to our strict quality levels. In addition, the on-site tech will negotiate pricing on your behalf and insure all maintenance is performed in a timely manner and on budget.