We want to be your lifelong aviation partner. This commitment to excellence, honesty, and integrity is what drives our safety program. We screen thousands of operators and thousands of aircraft so you can rest assured that only the top-tier charter operators and aircraft will be presented to you.

Wyvern Broker

Our commitment to safety and transparency has earned us the Wyvern Broker designation. Reserved for the top brokers and operators worldwide, Wyvern independently audits and verifies our safety culture, business and pricing practices, and our strict adherence to all regulatory rules and principles. Since 1991, Wyvern pioneered safety audits and still remains the leader in the highest safety standard in the industry.

We provide a customized PASS report for each and every flight, ensuring the aircraft and crew are held to the same high standards as our clients have come to expect from us.

Fly safe. Fly smart. Fly Element

It doesn’t stop there.

We consulted with pilots, dispatchers, air traffic controllers, and civil aviation experts to establish our own safety protocols in order to be at the forefront of safety in the private aviation industry. Our safety program is comprised of three phases, all of which must be independently verified and approved before you step foot on the aircraft.


This phase forms the foundation of how we put your trip together. We check for:

  • Any civil aviation authority travel advisories to and from destination
  • Airport capabilities
  • Weather reports
  • Satisfactory Wyvern PASS report for Aircraft and Crew [included in each quote]
  • Operator being in good standing with applicable Civil Aviation Authority and overview of accident, incident and compliance records
  • Operator reviews
  • Operator insurance meeting or exceeding ElementJet’s requirements


After selecting and booking an aircraft, we ensure the following:

  • Confirmation of the operator’s control of the aircraft
  • Confirmation of Pilot and Crew
  • Crew experience in specific aircraft type
  • Crew certification and type ratings
  • Crew records; medical, training, accidents, incidents and currency thereof


Prior to your departure we verify and confirm:

  • Final weather report
  • Crew status
  • Airport and FBO capabilities
  • Exterior and interior status of the aircraft
  • Alternate deviation contingencies

In addition to our own stringent safety programs, we strictly work with operators that are fully in compliance with FAA (or applicable civil aviation authority) regulations.