Our clients expect more than a one-size fits all solution which is why we developed the E:Genetics program. By working alongside our long time customers and getting their feedback on what is most important to them, we were able to curate a program unlike any other in the industry.

Introducing our proprietary membership program, with no minimum flight hours to purchase or six figure out of pocket dues. A custom tailored service for each member bridging the unparalleled flexibility, convenience, safety and time saving benefits of private aviation with their specific needs.

E:Genetics members are entitled to tangible benefits such as:

  • 1.5% cash back on all flights
  • Automatic aircraft upgrades on all flights
  • Aircraft availability with as little as 8 hours notice*
  • Aircraft presented will be 7 years old or newer
  • Operators and aircraft presented will only be Wingman Certified, the highest safety standard in the industry
  • Ground transportation upon arrival and departure
  • Your choice of newspapers and magazines on every flight
  • Weekly location based empty leg availability updates hand picked and sent directly to your email
  • Concierge Service available anywhere, anytime
  • Complimentary Global Entry and TSA-Precheck memberships.
  • No blackout dates or long-term contracts.
  • Our specially trained E:Genetics Team is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year just for you

*Flights originating within the Continental US